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Thermos Model PP1920M, 2 Quart Thermal Beverage Dispenser (Kitchen)

Thermos Insulated Service 2qt Glass Vacuum Pump Pot Gray Metallic – Thermos PP1920TRI2

This is a 2 quart Glass Vacuum Pump Pot from Thermos with Vacuum insulation to keep your coffee steaming, 360 deg. swivel base and press button dispenser. It is ideal for camping, picnics and road trips. If you prime it with hot water, the coffee will stay hot for almost 8 to 12 hours. The lid is removable with the touch of a button. Makes for very easy cleaning. This is one of the cheapest coffee pumps one can find, and its a GREAT brand. This pot is easy to carry between work and car and home, and it looks nice enough to leave out on the countertop when guests are coming over and you want to have coffee ready.

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